Who will best help you – a life coach, psychologist or psychiatrist?

Life is hard to you, the problems seem too big, and you do not have the strength to take on the world, or you do not know where to begin? You feel lost, and see the exit nowhere? You need support, not an empty consolation.

Or you perhaps know what you should do, but you do not have the energy to act, you are tired of thinking about what it is waiting for you. You need somebody just to push you in the right direction. You have no one to talk about what’s troubling you; they will not understand or have no solution for you.

You’ve tried everything you know – but it’s not enough. It’s time to look for someone who is going to help you.

And then, a question arises – to whom you should address – a life coach, psychologist or psychiatrist? Is it one person or three different ones? Which of them does what and who am I to choose? Here’s what each of them does and the guidance that will assist you to decide who will best help you to realize your potentials and create the life you want.

Let’s begin.

Life Coach

Who is a life coach?

A life coach is a person who has undergone training to perform that job. He can be either a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but it’s not compulsory, it is important that he has passed the specialized training to become a life coach.

What does he do?

His job is to assist the client in improving his personal growth and development. He uses a variety of techniques, some of them have the origin in psychology, although a life coach is not a psychologist and his job is not to cure. He is not interested in the person’s past, but the point in life where this person is now, where he wants to be and what is the best way to achieve it. If he notices that some psychological problems hinder the client, he will refer him to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

You should visit a life coach if you want to:

Make progress and achieve goals in some areas of life, or make significant changes in various fields, and you do not know precisely how to do this, or you need additional motivation. He will help you set goals, design the best strategy and achieve them.


Who is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a person who has completed psychology studies. He has the knowledge and skills in this field. He can also work as a life coach, but with an inner understanding of human personality and psychological techniques, and he can also help with various life or mental problems. Unlike a psychiatrist, a psychologist is not a doctor and does not cure mental illness, nor can he cure by prescribing medication.

What does he do?

He explores a person through interviews and tests, finds a problem and helps the client to resolve it. He will help you to look deep into yourself, see the roots of the problem, to overcome the internal resistance that stops you on the path of progress. You will gain deeper insights, and you’ll be able to see your real personality. Only then he can help you with strategies to achieve your potentials. It will teach you techniques by which you will change what you want which will help you find a life balance, inner peace and create the life you want.

Go straight to a psychologist if:

You feel that professional help will do you good, if you feel uncomfortable in your skin, you think the environment does not understand you, if you are depressed, if you lack the joys of life and enthusiasm, if the problems seem too big, and you feel powerless and helpless. If something inside you huts and you just do not know how to handle everything. But there is no reason to worry. If you believe that a psychiatrist can help you, the psychologist will direct you to him, as they, in most cases, work together closely.


Who is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who graduated from medicine with the residency in psychiatry. He cures psychological disorders, from small ones to severe mental illness. He uses some of the techniques psychologists use, but also other methods and medicines. Also, he can work as a life coach.

What does he do?

A psychiatrist treats people by talking to them, using various methods and techniques, medication. He helps the patient to realize and understand his problem and the origin of it. He treats patients with appropriate methods and teaches them how to deal with their challenges. Same as a psychologist, a psychiatrist can advise and encourage you through your personal development and provide you with support on the way to achieving your goals, if that’s what you need. But he can also help if the problems are profound or if you have mental disorders and issues that interfere with your normal functioning.

A psychiatrist is a right choice if you…

You feel your soul is suffering. You need an expert to help and support you. It’s time to change something, you feel bad and dissatisfied with your life, or you have a feeling that something is wrong with you. You feel something interferes in your normal functioning, you have problems that you do not know whom to refer to, and you have no one to address to because no one would understand or they would understand the wrong way. In all of these cases, a psychiatrist can help you.

Whichever expert do you choose, you will not make a mistake, among other things, because every one of them will refer you to the right specialist if estimates that they will help you. For the beginning, it’s great to have taken the fate into your own hands. You deserve to be happy. Picking up responsibility is what will lead you wherever you want, and that means looking for help when needed.

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