Why “Everything will be fine, only think positive” Is Not Positive Thinking

Does it drive you crazy when in a difficult situation someone says “everything will be fine” and “only think positive”? Is there anything more annoying than telling a person with a problem that? These empty words, advising that you need to look through rose-colored glasses, it really goes to your nerves. Why? Because it did not work for anyone. Because positive thinking, in fact, is not that.

What is a healthy positive thinking?

Optimism means that you believe everything will go well, that you know how to enjoy life, but also that you do not close your eyes to everything that does not fit into it. It is good that you focus on what is good in everything and in everyone, but ignoring the other, darker side of life means that you stay on the surface and live in a false optimism. Looking at life through rose-colored glasses is always bad. Eventually, you will give up, disappointed.

Healthy optimism would mean looking at life in all its fullness, along with a side that you do not like, even though you focus on what’s good. Having a positive attitude does not mean that everything will always be the way you want, but it will help you get the best out of everything. And it means believing that everything is happening for a good reason.

Do I lie to myself?

For those who are not inclined to optimism, positive thinking looks like deceiving. Is that really so? How many bad things about which you worried and expected, really happen? Probably little or none. Try to imagine an event about which you are upset. And let’s be real (a term pessimists simply adore). What are the theoretical chances that the outcome of this event will be negative? 50%. Positive? The same 50%. And how the expectation of a negative outcome is more realistic?

Why thinking positively?

And why not? 🙂 If you have to think anyway, think positively. Here’s why:

You will feel great. Thoughts cause emotions. If they are positive, they will cause a good feeling. And everyone wants to feel that way, don’t they?

You will make better choices. And when everything is not the way you wanted, a positive attitude allows you to see the many options available to you and to be aware that you are responsible for your choices. This originated from the prehistoric age and it was very useful to our distant ancestors in the struggle for survival. When you feel the danger, forget all options that do not seem to be of vital importance and focus only on the escape. When the tiger is not chasing you, you see other possibilities. In the modern world, this works to focus on negative or positive thoughts.

The law of attraction is always on, just like gravity, believe it or not. If you are constantly with a negative attitude, you will accumulate such experiences. When you are positive, you experience more positive things. While you are focusing only on the things you do not like, it will seem that only these things are happening to you. You will ignore the positive ones. If you shift the focus to positive things, they will color your life.

You will be healthier and with more chances to have a longer life. Science has proved this on countless occasions. Optimistic people are generally healthier, have better immunity and overall health condition than pessimists. They usually have extra time to enjoy life.

People will like you more. Nobody likes frowners. A smile is like a magnet. Positive people are more satisfied and radiate attractiveness. With a positive attitude, there is a greater chance that you will find love, friends and other people who will make your life even richer.

If anything, you will spend the days in a better mood if you think positively, regardless of the outcome. If those are your last days in this world, it is better to spend it in a good spirit?

How to think positively?

Luckily, positive thinking is something that you have to gradually learn. The decision that you want to adopt such an attitude is an important one. And then follow the tools. You need to reboot and you can use various methods to achieve this, such as introspection, affirmation, meditation, focus, thought control, gratitude, writing, videos, psychotherapy, coaching etc. Like many valuable things in life, learning and adopting this kind of thinking requires conscious effort. But it will be worthy in so many ways. It takes persistence to create and maintain such habits. As you have to shower every day, and nobody protests about it, our mind also requires personal hygiene on a daily base.

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