How to Start a Day as Successful People Do and Become One of Them

Are you one of those people who press a snooze button two or three times in the morning, and then get up in the last minute, get ready in a hurry, put on unpaired socks, drink coffee spilling it all over the place, and nevertheless late? Or do you stay at home to study, or with children, you stumble all morning, drinking coffee, first, second, third, browsing Facebook, TV news in the background, and in the blink of an eye, half a day has already gone? And at the end of the day, you go to bed at least two hours late, complaining that you did not do anything you wanted, and why a day could not be longer. Sounds familiar?

If you are among those who would like a day to last 26 hours, and finally go swimming, meditate, start blogging or read at least ten book pages a day and be organized, I will tell you how. You will not make a day last two hours longer, but here is how to save the time that you persistently lack.

The best time for that is – morning!

I am not saying that you have to get up at five. That sounds awful to someone. But the important thing that almost all successful people have is a morning routine.

Why creating a morning routine?

Because the morning, whenever it starts for you, is the time of the day when our mind is clear and relaxed, thoughts are bright, the focus is sharp, and energy is at its peak. We are the most productive, the most efficient and the most creative in the first three hours after awakening. It is the right time to set the mind, the spirit and the body to the right vibration for the day that awaits you, as well as to do a good deal of work. Later in the day, the brain becomes tired, burdened with various external impressions, and thus productivity decreases. That is why morning is so precious.

A morning routine implies that you discover the best way for you to start the day and to apply it every morning. It is important that these activities work for you and your goals, lead you to success, and adjust your mind, spirit and body. This will give you exactly the time that you lack, to do what you want or need, to accomplish your goals regularly, and without interruption. It will help you avoid time wasting and learn how to manage your time, to be optimistic, and have the feeling that everything is right. In addition, morning routine is always the same regardless of the changes that occur in life and how stressful is the rest of the day. Therefore, it provides the sense of security that everyone needs in order to have inner peace.

And what do night owls do?

If you are among those who prefer to take advantage of the night and spend most of the morning sleeping, it does not mean that this is not for you. You do not have to get up early if it does not suit you. Such rhythm would quickly make you exhausted and you would give up such an idea. The point is that you create a habit that suits you and which you would want to hold onto. In order to experience the benefits of the morning routine, the time of waking up is not crucial. The most important is that you incorporate activities from which you will create your morning (even the afternoon) routine in the first hour or two after you wake up.

How to create a morning routine?

Choose two or three activities that are pleasant and useful to you, in which you enjoy and that will lead you to success in the area you want. Practice them every morning as soon as you wake up, for at least a month, until the habit becomes strong. Then start another one, and continue to practice such an extended morning routine. Therefore you will gradually expand and adopt new habits. There are no rules for how many activities you should perform in the morning, your routine can last as long as you want – from 5 minutes, up to a few hours. It is crucial that you repeat it every day.

And what should I do in the morning?

Here are suggestions that have proved useful. Choose some of them, which you can fit into your lifestyle.

• Get up early

If your working day starts early, join the 5 a.m. club and enjoy the extra time to get good energy. But, as we have already said, getting up early is not crucial to creating and practising a morning routine.

Wake up your mind and spirit

• Motivate yourself

The motivation for a new day will set your mind and spirit just as you want. You can look or listen to an inspirational video, read affirmations or motivational books. It is good to be surrounded with incentive sayings that you will see as soon as you wake up, or put a visionary board in a place where it will be in front of your eyes in the first moments after you wake up.

Read something inspiring

It is good to have affirmations, inspirational books or a blog that moves you up. Additionally, if you are trying to build reading habits, you get that extra time that you have always lacked for reading the famous “ten pages per day”.


Morning silence and peace without distraction make a wonderful moment to enjoy meditation. It does not have to last long. Justcalm yourself down and focus on breathing or lose yourself go in meditation for the beginning of the day. As the mind is calm and clearest in the morning, it will be easier to take up this habit.

• Write

Keeping a pencil and a notebook on the nightstand is a great idea. Writing affirmations, diaries, or plans for the upcoming day will direct your attention to the positive attitude and goals that you want to achieve.

Plan your day

Without a specific plan, a day very easily passes by without doing something worthwhile. Then in the evening you realize that you have wasted it.

Listen to stimulating music

Turn up the music volume and let it take you to a new day, whatever you listen to, whether meditative or rock music. What is important is that it is something that moves you.

• Make the bed

It sounds like an unimportant issue, but this will give you a sense of order and organization that will follow you during the day. This helps the mind to remain focused.

• Do not turn on the screen

Do not turn on the screens immediately. Most people, immediately after they wake up, turn on laptops, telephones, TVs and so on. In a matter of minutes, our fresh and restless mind will be filled with superfluous and useless information and impressions, artificial light and dark news. This leads us away from the good vibrations we want for the upcoming day and takes us right into time wasting. Therefore you should put off all the screens and leave social networks for later, when you are done with your morning routine.


If you have a partner, a child, a dog, a cat, start the day with cuddling. This happiness and satisfaction “smoothie” will launch you on in a smiling day. These precious moments do not have to be reserved exclusively for the Sunday morning.

• Eat that frog

It is the system introduced by Brian Tracy in his book and its essence is to first master the greatest or hardest task that awaits you that day, and then loosely continue the day. However, if you do not like this idea, try to master at least a few smaller and easier tasks, which will give you the will and confidence to push onto the bigger and the harder tasks.

Wake up the body

• Leave the light and fresh air inside

As soon as you get up, spread the curtains and open the window. The light and fresh air are perfect for waking up. Better still, if you can, spend these moments somewhere outside – you can read on the balcony, exercise on a lawn, or listen to a motivational video while jogging. Whatever you decide, going outside is a good way to start the day.


A glass or two of warm water with lemon is ideal for morning hydration and metabolism. Do not forget to drink enough water during the day, not only in the morning. This is the perfect moment to fill the bottle you need to drink before noon.

• Have Breakfast

You could not even make a car work without fuel, right? Why then would you do it to yourself? A quality, real breakfast works much better as a fuel than a quick snack. Fruit smoothie, muesli, eggs, whatever kind of breakfast you like, it is important that it becomes a habit that you will not skip.

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Herbal tea in some way calls everyone to slow down, to be in peace, have arranged thoughts and work on oneself. If you cannot really function without a cup of coffee, that is fine. A cup of coffee drank in peace can give the same comfort, unlike the ‘’take out’’ one. Enjoy these moments and aromas with a warm cup in your hands.

• Accelerate pulse and wake up your muscles

While someone claims that they cannot imagine the beginning of the day without stretching, others claim this routine takes up too much energy and leaves them exhausted. It is important to discover what suits you. It can be light stretching exercises, yoga, walking, jogging, energetic cardio exercises which will make your blood circulate better, or swimming if you are a lucky person to live by the seaside.

• Meditate in the shower

Meditation in the shower combines various elements of day preparation. At the same time, you practice personal hygiene and prepare yourself for leaving the house, meditate, repeat affirmations, or listen to some video.

Now you probably have an idea of how you would like to start the morning. Try different activities, see what you like most and choose. You can start the next morning and do it every day. You will soon start to enjoy these moments and you will look forward to waking up.

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