How Many Real Friends Do You Have?

Perhaps without even thinking about it, you can say who you can honestly call a friend and why. Or maybe you are often surrounded by a crowd of people, but yet, when you feel the need to talk and open your soul to someone seriously, you have no one.

Real friends are precious, and we all know how important it is to cherish such relationships. But not everyone you’ve known for a long time or with whom you can spend crazy time is a true friend. If you think more thoroughly, many things that will influence your decision to look at someone as a blessing in your life. Some other “friend” would never be invited just to be by your side when you need it.

Here are some features of a real, healthy friendship that will help you distinguish healthy from unhealthy relationships, or at least remind you what’s so great that makes your friendship so precious.

1. Respect each other

Respect is the basis of every healthy relationship. To make the first contact with someone, it’s important that you like him/her. Respect is a prerequisite for any further communication. True friends appreciate one another, respect their individuality. Love your friends just as they are, have no the urge to change them, appreciate their, as well as yours, uniqueness.

2. Trust each other

It’s important in your life to have someone who will tell you frankly, with no mean comments, that you need a haircut. Someone who will keep a secret of what you have shared together. Therefore, trust connects true friendship, from the smallest things to the most important things of life.

3. You can talk

You always know who to call when you want to chat with someone over coffee, or you need a long conversation with someone who will truly understand you and help you find the solution for your problem or just listen to you. Your true friend will not judge, misunderstand, or be bored.

4. Enjoy the silence together

You don’t have to talk all the time just to avoid uncomfortable silence. You feel good together in silence, too.

5. Give and receive support

You support each other in achieving goals, even though your paths may go in the opposite direction. You understand that each of you has their path, you know what’s important, and you’re here for providing support, cheering, motivation, both shoulder to cry on and fireworks and champagne.

6. Time and place are not an unsolvable problem

Time flies, people change, their lives intertwine and move apart. Maybe you do not live close by; perhaps you are not able to see each other often. Real friends understand this and maintain friendship in spite of that. Even if you do not see each other for a long time and live different lives, when you eventually see one another, just continue where you have stopped.

7. Appreciate a friend’s opinion

This goes hand in hand with respect. Of course, not everyone’s opinion is important to you. And of course, the opinion of the best friend is always firstly taken into account. Why would anyone ever hang out with those whose opinion does not mean anything to them?

8. You are here for each other

A significant feature that differentiates a true friend from a common acquaintance is that he will come in the middle of the night if needed – to help, support, hug or just be with you in silence. Whatever necessary, he knows what matters.


9. Friendship goes both ways

True friendship goes both ways, and it means that a friend will do the same for you as you would for him. You receive and give, spontaneously, without measuring it. All of the above applies in both directions – you talk but also listen, you come when needed, and you know that you always have someone to call. You always know that someone is there for you. How many such friends do you have?

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