Cheer Yourself Up

Anyone can have a bad day and would prefer to sleep it over. When that day comes, it seems there is nothing we can do to change it, except to wait for it to pass. There are many ways to cheer yourself up and improve the day. All It takes is a bit of will. Think about it for a moment. Why would you choose to throw away a precious day of your life in this beautiful world? A day you will never get back? Start over. Make it better. Make it a beautiful and joyful day.

1. Smile!

A smile, even a fake one, will make you feel better immediately. If that does not work, stand in front of the mirror and put a smile on your face with fingers. It must work, you will smile, like it or not.

2. Let the sunshine in

Expose yourself to as much natural light as possible, or at least turn on as much light bulbs as possible. Science confirmed there is a link between a lack of sunlight and depression. Anyhow, just expose yourself and your space to light, and let the hormones do the rest.

3. Clean and tidy up

You do not need to be Feng Shui expert to notice how mess, dirt, and hoarding affect your mood. It creates anxiety, dissatisfaction, and depression. Grab a cloth and give your home little spa treatment, and you will feel a lot better even before the results of the cleaning are visible.

4. Turn up the music, dance, sing

One song a day takes mischief away.” Turn up your favorite music and let it move you. Dance as you please, no one is watching you, sing out loud, whether you have the talent or not. The goal is to cheer you up, remember?

5. Take a piece of dark chocolate

Take a bit, not the whole chocolate! Theobromine from cocoa stimulates the secretion of serotonin in your brain, which makes you feel better! You can also try milk chocolate if you like it, but it is not as good for your mood as dark chocolate. Besides, bananas, yogurt, and cheese are also good. Bon appetite!

6. Put on some bright colors

Light colors clothes, especially white, make us feel more relaxed and more optimistic. There is a good reason why black is for mourning in many cultures. Take a look in your closet and dress like a snowflake.

7. Talk or meet with someone who always cheers you up

You probably have an optimistic friend who always has a good joke or an optimistic point of view. You can always laugh together. Call that precious friend, meet with him or her, a friend like that can change your day.

8. Do some workout

Up, down, touch the ground…” sings Winnie The Pooh. Follow the cute bear’s advice. Like dark chocolate, exercises stimulates hormones responsible for pleasure. So, put on your sneakers and sweat.



9. Jump!

Like Tiger, Winnie The Pooh’s friend, who is continuously jumping and always smiling, try to bounce around the house or outside, you can skip a rope or jump with an exercise ball. The effect is always the same – it will make you smile.


10. Go outside

Take a walk in nature or the city, whichever you prefer. Go to a place that fills you up with energy, by the water or in the park, take your dog for a long walk or just walk and focus on your movement and breathing. The effect is the same as working out, but with one extra benefit – fresh air.

11. Cuddle or play with a pet

For more serotonin, the hormone responsible for good mood, make some spare moments for cuddling or playing with your dog or a cat. The stress will disappear, blood pressure will normalize, the mood will improve. Both, you and your pet will enjoy these moments.

12. Take up gardening

Get your hands dirty and devote yourself to your plants if you have a garden, a terrace or at least a pot.

13. Paint or color

Give yourself your kind of color therapy. Paint or color the way that makes you happy. Experiment with colors, be free to play and enjoy. It can be drawing, painting, coloring of finished drawings or just spilling different colors on paper. The technique is not important. The only thing that matters is that you are happy.

14. Drink some water

Very few people drink enough water. But many eat snacks and sweets when they feel under the weather. A few glasses of water would be much better. And it is more likely it will make you feel better.

15. Go swimming or take a bath

Not only drinking water but also floating in it can refresh you so much that you forget about feeling bad. So, if you can, go swimming. If not, fill the bathtub and take a nice, bubble bath or take a long shower. Water will take away all the worries and stress.

16. Smell nice

The part of the human brain responsible for feelings and the part responsible for the sense of smell is firmly connected. So, enjoy the aromas you like – a favorite perfume, and scents that wake beautiful memories and feelings, fragrant baths, candles, and sticks.

17. Be grateful

If you had to choose only one advice from the list, it should be the best to be this one. Even better, this should become your new routine. At least once a day count your blessings. Remind yourself to be grateful for what you have. Gratefulness and happiness go together like nail and finger. You don’t have to be happy to be grateful, but you should be thankful for what you have so you could be happy.

18. Give a hug

Hugging makes everyone feel better. Hug your loved ones, family, friends, pets, even a tree. That’s the main reason why children need some stuffed, teddy bear or soft blanket to hug when mum is not around. In many cities, people offer free hugs. Why are you still waiting? Open your arms and give the world a big hug!

19. Look at your favorite color

Watching a clear, blue sky cannot make you feel under the weather, stargazing as well. Watch a sea, a river, or any other water. Watching green relaxes, and it is good for the eyes. If you prefer, choose a different color to watch. Paint the wall in your room in your favorite color, and surround yourself with the details in colors that appeal to you.

20. Come back to present

This moment is the only real one. That’s all we have. Now take a look at your worries and thoughts which make you feel sad or angry. Most of them are related to the past or the future, right? Now, come back to this moment. Feel every part of your body. Pay attention to what you are doing right now, and every feeling. Concentrate on your breathing. You will surely feel much better if you stay in the present.

21. Take a rest

Six hours of sleep is not enough for everyone. Most people don’t get enough sleep. We are exhausted in all possible ways, and then we wonder how come we are not happy. Try to give yourself enough sleep and rest. Just take an afternoon nap, or just rest from everything that makes you tired. When we are well-rested, the sun shines even better.

22. Enjoy a good comedy

There are movies which can make us laugh out loud, even though we have watched them hundreds of times. Make popcorn, play such a comic, briefly exclude yourself from everyday life and after you will feel refreshed. The same goes for books that make you laugh. And you can also try funny videos on YouTube and hidden cameras if this type of humor makes you laugh.

23. Embrace your feelings

And last but not least, it’s vital that you do not ignore or hide your feelings, but accept and embrace them. Spend some time alone, look deep into yourself and speak honestly with yourself. Ask yourself what do you feel and why. Dig deep and try to reach the root of your feelings. What are your thoughts, where do they come from and why do they make you feel this way? And so on, until you have a clear picture – what do you feel and why, and what can you do. No one can help you better than yourself.

And once when you know all that things, it will be much easier to cheer yourself up. Try some pieces of advice in this article, and you will fix the day which you almost wasted.

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