13 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

As a child, you could invent a game in no time, make up a fairy tale, build a cardboard castle, be a princess, a dragon, a lion from a story. You would forget to come home for lunch while playing or draw and paint for hours your imaginary world, and yourself, and a desk while you sing as you please. When was the last time you lost yourself in something that you adore doing so that everything else stopped?

Life was certainly not conceived as sitting over the keyboard day after day, with fingers cracking with fatigue, and a whole body numb. Not even like a simple house to work commute and back, occasionally stopping to buy some supplies. Nor is it conceived as two steps from the sink to the stove, and three to the refrigerator. There must be more to it. You just have to remember. When did you forget it along the way? Where is that child to who cared for nothing but to play and make stuff up? If you feel blocked, if you are out of ideas and inspiration, if you lack the balance and meaning, that is because you have forgotten that child inside you. He is immensely bored and sad. Help him, give him back his crayons, pens, music, stories, games, joy. Go back to him.

Here are some great ways to help revive your drowsy creativity.

1. Just do it.

It is simple – next time you feel a creative impulse and a need to play, just let yourself go. If necessary, create the conditions in advance for everything to be ready when inspiration comes – determine your free time for playing, get supplies and tools if needed for that kind of art. And then when the idea comes, accept it and embrace it, without too much thought. Stop thinking about your creativity, because that is what is stopping you from doing anything. Am I good enough? Is it worthwhile? Etcetera. It does not matter. Stop thinking about it and just play the game.

2. Expect nothing.

If you set your goal high, you will probably feel insecure. On the contrary, if you do not give too much importance to your creativity and do not set high goals or, better still, get rid of all of them, and allow yourself to play freely, the process of creation will bring you much more satisfaction. And the final results, even though they are not at the center of attention, will be much better, too.

3. Be yourself

Be yourself, authentic and do things in your way, without thinking if it’s good enough, or whether someone will like it, or not. Do not try to be someone else. Be who you are and express yourself as you please. That is enough.

4. Read.

Reading is the best way to open our mind and extend our horizon. Reading stimulates and opens up possibilities for new ways of thinking. Just make sure that admiration for other writers does not turn into imitating or comparing with them if writing is the art in which you want to succeed.

5. Write down your ideas

Do not let them go. Get papers, notebooks, clipboards, distribute them everywhere, to be at your fingertips so you can catch that spark of creativity. In this way, you will train your mind to accept new ideas, and by writing them down, you will make room for new ideas, instead of making an effort remembering them.

6. Meditate.

Meditation will help you silence the noise in your head, and when you reach the state of inner peace, ideas will come smoother and clearer. When meditating, you are closer to yourself, to your essence and higher state of being, from where all great ideas come.

7. Relax.

How often great ideas came to you in the shower? Or at the moment you were about to fall asleep? That is because the ideas naturally come more easily when we are relaxed. Therefore, relax as often as you can. Do not focus on the expectation of something to happen. Just relax and enjoy the activity you have chosen. If nothing extraordinary happens during this time, do not worry. You will certainly be much more creative when you return to work.

8. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Stop criticizing and finally accept yourself and your ideas. Make sure you do your best and agree that is enough. Do not compare with others and do not anticipate negative remarks. You are your own harshest critic. Change it and become your best friend and biggest support.

9. Listen to music.

It has been scientifically confirmed that listening to classical music, especially Mozart, activates specific synapses in the brain and encourages creativity. Listen to music that stimulates you, choose what is right for you and what inspires you.

10. Go for a walk.

Spend some time outside. It will engage all the senses, give you extra energy and stimulate your imagination. Walking in nature works similarly to adults as an outdoor play on children.

11. Try something new.

Try something you have never done before, or change the way you do something on a daily basis. You can learn some new skills, go places you have never been before. There are also extreme sports like bungee jumping, scuba diving or jumping with a parachute, or something a bit easier, like going to work using different routes, or trying new recipes. Whatever you choose, it will improve your creativity.

12. Play with children.

If you have children or hang out with them, it can significantly affect your creativity. Children themselves are an inexhaustible source of imagination. Talking with them can make you see the world through their eyes and lose the shackles of logic and reality, like when you were a child yourself. Children will be delighted if you try to make up a story for them, or do role plays. Children are a fantastic audience. They do not judge imperfection but do not forgive dishonesty. They will rejoice only in things authentic and really interesting and will not lie to you.

Also, many children’s toys can be of great use for your creativity, like a puzzle, lego, play-dough, coloring books and so on. You can also make your own toys from available materials with children, which is a huge creative stimulation for both children and adults. You will surely all enjoy it very much.

13. Write morning pages.

Good, old method that has helped thousands of artists all over the world to unlock their imagination. All you will need is a notebook and a pen. Every morning write down your thoughts for the first 15-20min just after waking up. That’s all. Anything that comes to your mind, without thinking about it, or any limits. It does not have to make any sense. It is not important how it sounds either. Just keep on writing and witness the change. After you start a day this way, you will notice that your mind is clear, without undesired thoughts and buzzes. And new, fresh ideas will flow.

Try some of the methods we have offered, or ones that suit you best or that are most meaningful and enjoy the changes that will follow.

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