10 Trick to Help You Get and Stay Motivated for Workout

Are you one of people who work out on a regular basis, whose bodies look like from the pages of a magazine? If you always find ways to be motivated and stay motivated for training, you don’t need this text.

For the rest of us, however, the motivation usually does not last long – it’s enough to wake up and see a gloomy day or wake up at all after a long night out, and suddenly it’s too hard to get out of a comfortable bed half an hour earlier. So instead of training, we just go back to the couch in front of the TV, with a cup of coffee.

Don’t feel guilty, everybody has their ups and downs with the exercise habit. The important thing is to find the way to stick to the habit. That’s why we expose a couple of tricks to help you with your motivation for exercising.

1. Keep it simple

Make it easy to start by setting one easy goal – 5 minutes of exercise for 1 month, for example. That way you will easily build your habit and then you will increase.

2. Image of what you want to become

It’s much easier to make yourself doing something if you know why you do it. It is therefore important to imagine the picture of the body that we would like to have.

3. Other people’s results

If he/she can do it, I can do it, too. The success of others can be very inspiring, so use them to get where you want to.

4. Motivation quotes

These are positive statements that affect our subconscious mind, extremely powerful tools for achieving goals in various areas, even in working on your body. Choose the affirmation that inspires you, or better yet, surround yourself with the written affirmations.

5. Imagine how you will feel in an hour

Remember the unique good satisfactory feeling after a successful training? Don’t you want to constantly feel that way? So what would you not? By exercising we release hormones of happiness and this makes us relaxed and satisfied. Imagine that you will feel that way after you finish your work out. Now you can choose how you would like to feel in an hour.

6. Put your workout clothes and stretch yourself

When it’s especially difficult for you to start exercising, go with the intention just to warm up a bit. Put workout clothes and sneakers. Imagine you are preparing to swim for example. Put a swimsuit, water glasses, and a cap. You can change, but won’t you feel silly? And when you have already warmed up your muscles, it will be obviously a bad idea that you give up the training now.

7. Music

Good rhythm can help you stay motivated. Music work as a medicine because it will make some hard exercises less painful and make you keep the good vibe. It will bring more joy in your routine.

8. Make it fun

It has been proven in many researches and in practice too, that fun is the reason which makes some people stay motivated and stitched to the new habit. If it’s fun, there are more chances for a success.

9. Put some nice workout clothes on

It seems like a totally unessential thing, but it can also be useful when you’re trying to build a habit. Of course, you can do exercises in some old clothes, but it would bring you much more pleasure if you wear nice, bright colored stuff. And, at the beginning of the process of making this habit, you should find as many ways as you can to motivate yourself, so prepare for shopping!

10. Reward

When you achieve your small goals (for example to exercise for a week), be free to give yourself a reward. It should be something you really like to do or have. Do it often and enjoy!

Is it all necessary, someone would ask. Believe me, it is. To adopt a new habit, you have to practice it for at least three weeks. That’s why is so important to get and stay motivated and focused. Help yourself with these simple tricks and stay on your way to the perfect shape.

One day, when you realize that you can’t imagine skipping your workout – you’ll know that you’ve achieved your goal. And remember – every day is a good day for working out!





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