10 Reasons Why Meditation Is Not For You

  1. It’s useless / There’s no benefit

    Yes, you are right.

    Excuses do not provide almost any benefit. And if you do not practice something, it really cannot be of any use for you. To see the benefits of meditation, you should practice it. People who meditate daily, enjoy a lot of benefits from this daily routine, which has been confirmed by hundreds of scientific research. Some of the beneficial effects of meditation relate to the mind – you will notice that your concentration and focus are enhanced, as well as your cognitive abilities, some related to mood and emotions – meditation practice improves spirit, and has the power almost as strong as antidepressants. You will feel less worried and less stressed; you will be more relaxed and with more positive attitude. Your body will be grateful for this new habit – you will improve your immunity, you will feel more energetic, and before you know it, the variety of health problems will disappear.

  2.  I will experience benefits only after ten years

    Truthfully speaking, in about ten years, if you meditate on a regular basis, you will see numerous benefits. In fact, it’s most likely that your life will be completely different and not only due to the time that has passed, but also due to this fantastic habit. It does not take years for meditation to do you good and improve the quality of life. If you dedicate in a day to it for twenty minutes, for a couple of weeks you will feel calmer, more balanced, relaxed and cheerful, you will feel satisfaction, and your thoughts will become brighter and more creative. The body will be more relaxed, and the cramps and tension will be reduced. Therefore, you do not have to wait long until it becomes apparent that meditation benefits you.

  3. Who (the hell) practice meditation? I don’t know anyone who does that.

    Precisely no one! If you have not heard about it from your friends, if no one in your family or work is meditating (or at least not telling you of it), no one does that. If you ask a bunch of unsuccessful or average people who do not know anything about and whose spirituality is not their stronger side, they will tell you that normal people don’t practices that – just the soft-headed or members of a sect. On the other hand, if you would ask some very successful people, leaders in their field of expertise – almost everyone would advise practicing meditation. Most of the big names in the field of personal development see meditation as one of the most powerful tools for achieving goals and achieving happiness.

  4. Meditation is for Buddhists. I don’t believe in Buddha

    Never mind then! The benefits of meditation apply only to those who believe in the Buddha. The rest of us can meditate to our heart’s content; nothing will ever happen – we will feel no effects. What do you think, how much do your body, mind, and spirit differ from someone else who, in fact, believes in the Buddha? A little or not at all? The same as the body and mind of your neighbor, who believes in the same god as you are. In fact, a Chinese can be more like you in mind and spirit than some cousin of yours. It is true that meditation as a habit equally affects people, regardless of whether they are believers or not and whatever their god is called.

  5. How could I meditate without an instructor and no experience in yoga?

    Sign up for yoga classes and find the instructors, because only they can help. And you can, in fact, teach yourself everything that you need about meditation from numerous books or the incomprehensible variety of texts on the internet. There are also certain videos on YouTube explaining meditation, give instructions on how to begin, provide guided meditations and music and sounds for meditation. Sources are unlimited, only if you are willing to learn. For the beginning, it’s enough to have the will for it. Spare some of your time, sit back or lie in relative silence and breathe. Just that.

  6. I don’t know how to do that correctly. It’s better for me not to try in case of doing something wrong. Maybe it could be harmful.

    Oh, it really could be dangerous. You are taking a serious risk to break some bones if you meditate in some wrong pose. Perhaps you disrupt that sophisticated balance that you have achieved without meditation? If you feel completely balanced, perfectly content with yourself and the world, well done, then there’s no reason to worry about meditation. Meditation masters do not always succeed. If, however, you are not perfectly balanced, consider once again what you have to lose. Most likely, this activity can only help and bring extra peace and balance to life. Do you seriously believe that fifteen minutes of not thinking of anything and aiming the attention to calm breathing in a relaxed position can harm anyone?

  7. It would be awkward. People would laugh at me.

    Meditation can be very harmful to your carefully built reputation of a rational and honest person. You cannot allow this. Not even if it can make you happier. Still, it is more important what others will think, right? And perhaps they do not have to know what you’re doing, do they? You do not know, and you probably do not care, about what they are doing in the privacy of their home. And if you care about their explicit attitude about it, and you’re acting silly as well, think about this – what if a real, happier life begins when we start acting a bit crazy?

  8. I have so many obligations, that would be the end of me

    If your car’s light illuminates to indicate that you are running out of gas, you do not need to stop at the nearest gas pump. Instead just continue the ride. That way, you will arrive sooner, rather than wasting time on buying fuel, paying, etc. You understand the point, don’t you?

  9. I don’t have time to waste on doing nothing.

       You do not have enough time. No one has it. We just use time as we please.  Everyone will find the time for what matters to them. Those who practice meditation act the same. They do not consider that time as lost, not at all! If you start practicing meditation, you will also be grateful and satisfied. You’ll notice how quickly it will bring benefits to you. It will become your little ritual of joy, and you will not want to spend the day without it. You will realize that you have the time. And you will find the time for meditation because you will want to stay in that wonderful state for a long time. You will have time for everything else – because you will do all your tasks more efficiently.

10. Where I’m supposed to find silence?

The best you can do is to find yourself alone in a monastery with thick walls or on the top of a high mountain in Tibet, where you will hear only the wind howling and eagle crying. The truth is, you will never find a dead silence. Sounds of traffic, neighbors, barking dogs or buzzing sounds will always be present. Perhaps the sounds of meditation found on YouTube will do you good – the sounds of the ocean, rainforest, rain, music for meditation or whatever else that you like. Or focus only on the sound of your breathing. Furthermore, perhaps you can even pay attention to some of the sounds from your environment that annoys you. You will just have to learn to disconnect from the world, look inside yourself and finally find a beneficial, healing silence – deep in yourself.

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